iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading App Reviews

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Best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent!

Lovecraft was brilliant, but in modern times, his language, setting and context can seem quite alien to readers. That’s what makes this format so helpful and engaging; it utilizes our modern desires for a certain pace, certain highs and lows (and “jump-scares”) and an overall tone or mood. It takes its cues from the past hundred years of suspense and horror tales writ large in cinematic language, and utilizes those tactics and forms to re-tell Lovecraft’s bizarre and lavish stories in a way we can more easily digest. I will, however, argue that Lovecraft’s particular style is designed to inspire the readers by only telling vague descriptors of monsters, ghouls and forms, and leaving the details to their imaginations, thus making many of the illustrations – beautiful, vivid and horrifying as they are – a bit superfluous. We’re I the creative director of this app, I might suggest illustrating only the “edges” of the horror and never fully revealing what a given horrific thing actually looks like. That’s my one criticism of this format. I hope to read more stories - and certainly more from Lovecraft - in this way as “new media” integrates with old formats. Great work, app makers!

Great melding of mediums

Love the vibrating sights and sounds. I almost expected a stench and foul green smoke to emit from my phone or tentacle to break thru during some of those passages of Lovecraft. There’s an eerieness that I haven’t felt since I first saw The Ring. Some of the flying bugs also made me think of The Mist. You really make scary other worldly creatures of Necronomicon lore come to life. They’re like interactive graphic novels. Very cool. And intense. Great pairing of a scary soundtrack to the text. And I like the gothic look to the pages. Sometimes black, sometimes white. And was very inventive with being able to scroll around rooms or move branches. Gave it a nice POV feel with an exciting involved first person reader experience.

Perfect presentation

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the iLovecraft collection experiences. I hope this long-form story app gets the love it deserves because I'd love to see At The Mountains of Madness, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Shadow Out Of Time, one day, as additions to this app collection. Fantastic. Love every second of it!

Magnificent! More Lovecraft please!

I can not recommend this tale enough. First, it is Lovecraft, but secondly, it is the amazing way that the artists presented it. Better than a lot of Hollywood movies I’ve seen.

Very spooky cool

I would say this does the hp lovecraft works a great justice. A wonderful experience definitely use headphones


My students and my family love this! They all are hooked and have downloaded all the stories! So excited to spread the joy of Lovecraft and other classic authors!!


I really enjoyed reading this. I really look forward to seeing more of Lovecraft’s works in the near future.

I got your Eldritch Horror right here

I have always been a proponent of letting your imagination fill in the visuals of a good story. But, and behind everything there’s a butt, if you already know the story and what a wonderfully and horribly enhanced experience that only adds to a tale that you already love, this is it. Maybe a little too heavy on the jump scares toward the end but overall this was so enjoyable. Turn out the lights, plug-in your earphones, and prepare to be horrified... In a good way.

I can’t get enough of these!

I’m a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft. And these apps make his stories so much more immersive. I hope there are more to come!

Brilliantly and Frighteningly Done

There are no mistakes in this spooky tale. For adults and older children it is an epic of writing and illustration. Be sure to use headphones. The music, too, and sound effects could NOT be better. You are doing yourself a great favor to get all the apps from this imaginative company. I have!

Great app

Loved the first Lovecraft app, but have to say they knocked out of the park with this one. Absolutely loved it.

Dare you....

Go ahead, I dare you to read this with the lights out, alone and at night! Maybe just one candle.... This might be as scary as a movie because you can physically (through touch) interact with the story! Well done!


Extremely well done.

Another sweet app

I really love iClassics and have been with them since the first iPoe. They’re doing a really great job and I’m always excited when a new app pops up - it feels like eating a decadent dessert amidst all the other reading I do. This Lovecraft story, true to form, has great artwork and music. The white noise sound effects in the first half or so of the app are not well balanced volume-wise with the music and are just too loud, so I had to keep toggling the volume to keep everything at a comfortable level. That’s a minor issue though - really enjoyed this and looking forward to the next one.

Captures the brilliant fiendish mind of H. P. Lovecraft

When you read Lovecraft your imagination treats you to unsettling images. Your imagination will appear too benign by its naive benevolence, it will be stretched further to uncharted, unwholesome depths by the artful malevolence of Lovecraft’s mind and this assembly of guides. A superb tour of hellish things.


As a relative newcomer and one to always prefer The original written form; I still found this be an absolute masterpiece fully capable of conveying the horror HP Lovecraft wish to convey.

Where text, illustration, and cinema cross paths!

I am a newcomer to Lovecraft. He was always at the corners of my curiosity, and thanks to iClassics, I took the plunge. I read volume one with “The Hound” and “Dagon” and craved more. “The Colour out of Space” feels as much like a film as it does a book. It has a wonderful accompanying soundtrack which complements the ghastly yet beautiful illustrations. There is literally a surprise in every corner of this book and you have to be curious and attentive to provoke them. A marvelous enhancement to a masterful work.


Beautifully worked and illustrated, this telling illustrates the story masterfully, tastefully and in a way that brings Lovecraft's already enthralling tale to life in new ways.

Uses new Technology to Bring Old Stories to Life

Using the features available on smart phones and handhelds to retell genre classics is an inspired idea! These guys at iClassics know what they're doing.

Nicely done!

An excellent interpretation of my favorite Lovecraft story, accompanied by a terrific soundtrack! Highly recommended.


I have read everything Lovecraft ever wrote, and watched every video production I could find over the last 50+ years, and in my experience, nothing has been truer to his stories and more compelling than this recreation of The Colour Out Of Space. I would have told you I knew this story start to finish, nearly by memory; I’ve read it dozens - if not hundreds - of times, from the very first time when I was only 8. But I’ve never seen anything like this. It made me appreciate the story in an entirely new, vastly-deeper way; the art, the music, the pace and presentation - just fantastic. 5 stars hands down. Please do many, many more.

Very impressed!

I’m a fan of horror as well as a writer of it, and this interactive version of THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE is done justice. I was very impressed with the original story as well as the fresh visuals and creepy music that come with this app. It makes the experience worth the $3. Get it and you won’t be disappointed. If they do this with THE CALL OF CTHULHU it will be fantastic!

Great work

Every Lovecraft fan should have this. This is one of the best interpretations of his work I’ve seen in a long time.

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